Glitz Boss Claudia Lumor Wishes Readers well in 2018

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Taking a closer look at Editor’s corner of Glitz, I came across this new year message specifically meant for the fans and what to expect in 2018.

“For us here at Glitz, the good news is that, we just moved to our new space which is opposite Trade Fair Centre, so it’s all about positive energy. We are looking forward to a great and amazing 2018. With the magazine, we are making sure all our covers and content are inspirational and on point.

For our events, we have our Ghana Women of the Year Awards coming up in April so we are working hard towards it, to ensure that all the women to be honored have great stories that would change lives and inspire others to do more with their lives.

We’re preparing feverishly towards our Glitz Style Awards and Fashion Week events. Our first magazine issue for this year will be our 20th issue, which is a milestone for us. Thus we intend to celebrate it and give Ghana and Africa exceptionally great content. 

So for 2018, expect more, bigger and better from Glitz Africa. For our 20th issue and subsequent ones, we hope to bring you more deserving stories and inspirational content. As I said, for us at Glitz Africa, this year is about positive energy and we wish the same for our readers.

People should just be themselves, dream bigger, develop themselves, and ensure that, whatever they find themselves doing, they are putting in their best efforts. We want people to be productive and not passive. They should strive to be part of something bigger and make an impact.

Lastly, I would encourage our readers to subscribe to our social media platforms. We are working on our digital space to make sure people have access to our digital versions of our magazines on our website. As you can see, we’ve a new revamped website, we fans can catch all our events updates as well as news the fashion and entertainment industry around the world.

We’re also working on our YouTube channel to give our followers more visual content from our events. We plan to explore all avenues to give our Glitz fans the best of what we do. Do suscribe to everything Glitz and be a part of our journey.

Love you all and have a great new year”!

Stay Glitzy,






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