Swarovski Crystal Pixie Nail Art Held at Beauty Bank

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The much anticipated event finally came off as scheduled, “the idea was to meet up with salons and their respective clients to test the efficacy of the beauty product and eventually get others to know about it as well”. We had only a few people coming through but it was fun and exciting.

Like catwalk attitude with it’s ultimate glamour, miss Gisela Gagakuma from Ghana, the West African Representative for the Swarovski brand, noted quite clearly, “a series of such events will come up, with the next one starting on the 17th February, the other will be in Lagos, Nigeria”.

The Swarovski Crystal Pixie consists of tiny particles of round crystals mixed with tiny cut crystals. It’s actually a nail art, comes in handy and essentially useful to pretty ladies who desires to feel and look beautiful.

The event was proudly organised by Swarovski Crystal Pixie Nail Art in collaboration with Beauty Bank & Spa Osu Accra. Below are the pics and how everything went down, enjoy!































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