Accra Fashion Week 2018 was Set to Change Trends on the Runway

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Accra Fashion Week 2018 did set some new trends on the runway, and it happened as determined, to put it into perspective. The designers actually showcased hot and latest trends which were modern, urban, Afrocentric and aesthetic. We’d say it was fabulous to see such designers from over the world rocking the runway in style.

A Ghanaian based designer from UK, Mark Johnson was amongst the established designers who had the opportunity to showcase on Day 1 of the fashion show and it was super cool. He opted to use chiffon and lace as his main fabric choice and that did the trick with some trendy off-shoulders and strapless maxi dresses.

Another designer to mention was the beautiful Tidal Cool from USA, it was a delight to sit in and watch her struct the runway with her charming outfits. She actually made use of bright colors of denim and bold prints resulting in fine blend of color and fusion.


This particular designer was exceptional with her catwalk experience, she was among a few designers that showed class and elegance in the Chilly/Rainy edtion of the Accra Fashion 2018. Metys by Diana Gardie from Cote Divoire had her stuff appraised by a couple of others, with the use of white as her color preference. Resulting in some mini and midi dresses, tie in front, flair sleeves and plunging necklines.


Afre Anko and Bri Wireduah were amongst the established Ghanaian designers that showcased, as a matter of fact, they were integral part of the process and did some exploits on the runway too. I hope to bring you a review of their prowess some day. I think I’d give some credit to the event organiser, Nana Tamakloe of as he came a long way from the lessons that were taken in previous editions to do a good job in bringing it together and making it perfect.

The promising Ghanaian designer was also present in no small way at all. Tia All made some positive impacts on the audience with her style, she was straight to the point, with her curvy and edgy outfits. Cynthia as she’s popularly called likes being herself and allows nothing to bother her. Take a closer look at the pics and enjoy!




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