Kenyan Designer Adele Dejak presents “Dhamani” Collection

This is the latest collection of Adele Dejak, a Kenyan based fashion brand that’s making huge waves all over Africa and beyond, it was recently launched at the just ended AFI Cape Town Fashion Week 2018, which was held in South Africa. The title of the collection is “Dhamani” which literally means “precoius” in Swahili. The collection is celebratory, it’s about valuing what matters and that for sure is life, love and Culture.

It was inspired particularly, by the story of Hell’s Gorge Gate of Naivasha. It’s said that a vocalno eruption which killed over a hundred Maasais sculpted the dramatic, stunning walls of the gorge… True value comes from understanding the history and multidimensionalnature of things. Dhamani piece looked to the past, to an important element of East African culture to craft the future. The beaded massai piece is the dramatic affirmation to the age old creed that everything has already happened. There are reinterpretation of accessories from African culture but to complete the collection, it needed a statement piece inspired by contemporary culture.

With this in mind, the Dhamani collection is both retrospective and futuristic, it expresses the hope that the future of fashion lives in it’s past. The present is actually the intersection of both, which is why it’s exciting and precious.

Designer @Adele Dejak


Edited: Ben Boateng Official





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