Pieces with the Beautiful Victoria Michaels

This stunning piece of interview was carried on by Moziak Africa, it got the gist of some interesting stuff you need to know about the Ghanaian super model, Victoria Michaels.

Moziak Africa: What city are you currently in and what do you love about this city?

Victoria Michaels:  Johannesburg. I love the people, the sunset, the creativity, the topography and endless possibilities.

Moziak Africa: Your favorite hangout spot in your hometown is…

Victoria Michaels: Coco Launge.

Moziak Africa: A song that perfectly describes your country right now?

Victoria Michaels: AKWAABA!

Moziak Africa: What’s on your music playerlist currently?

Victoria Michaels: William Macdowell.

Moziak Africa: What are you reading?

Victoria Michaels: Girl Boss Sophia Amaruso.

Moziak Africa: What would you say is the biggest impact, Africa has onot the world?

Victoria Michaels: Our diversity is a major part of the African brand, it resonates with our art, music, creativity, etc. We ‘re influential in a diversified way.

Moziak Africa:  What’s the one African dish you wish the entire world knew about?

Victoria Michaels: with dry fish and pumpkin leaves.

Moziak Africa: What does your name mean?

Victoria Michaels: Chioma – Beautiful God (Nigerian Name) Yaa – Thursday born (Ghanaian).

Moziak Africa: If you had one super power what will it be and why?

Victoria Michaels: Power of Affinity – So I can always gain strength when something brings down my morale.

Moziak Africa: If you weren’t a famous model, what will you be?

Victoria Michaels: chef most certainly; hahahah.

Check out on the lovely pics and enjoy, don’t forget to leave your comment in the box.

Source Moziak Africa





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