Ghana’s Designer Papa Oppong Presents the Boy Likes Ribbons Collection

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Ghana’s senstational fashion illustrator and designer, Papa Oppong presented the “Boy Likes Ribbon Collection” to the delight of everyone who made it through. The fashion presentation featured industry standard models at Birkenstock flagship store in Accra. 

Karen Abib was part of the models that featured in the Boy Likes Ribbons fashion presentation

The source of inspiration behind the collection was one of class and elegance, he derived it “from an emotional era of his playful and innocent childhood where he played in adult polo shirts and stained with oil from school dining”.

To be honest “the set up was different, a good different, very futuristic”. Actually, it was reinvention of his dormitory, way back in High School. It has to be said, the designer has an eye for quality, with his choice of color and fabrics, it’s obviously clear he’s up to something in his fast paced and creative career as an illustrator and a designer.

Take a closer look at the pics and enjoy, don’t forget to leave your comment in the box, your feedback is important to us.


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