Head of Vogue Talents and Deputy Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia Sara Suzzani Maino Speaks at the GAFW19 Business of Fashion Seminar

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The Business of fashion seminar at this year’s edition of Glitz Africa Fashion Week was held on Saturday, 19th October 2019 at the plush Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra. In this part of the sessions, Top Nigerian Designer, Mai Atafo engaged the Head of Vogue Talents and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ¬†Vogue Italia, Ms Sara Suzzani Maino in one on one discussion which primarily focused on the business of fashion, with specific reference to this topic “shaping local talents into international fashion brands”.

Top Nigerian Designer Mai Atafo moderating the discussion at the Seminar

I pretty much felt excited to be a part because it promises to offer me the opportunity to be able to handle my business with care it deserves, it was worth it. Her views on business of fashion was very thought provoking and penetrating, she pointed out significantly, “if you want to be a designer or be in the creative part of fashion, you have to really have a strong message that you want to give and you have to be very focused, on the kind of customer that you want to have, it’s very important”.

She continued to relate directly, “it’s a matter of having a clear vision of what you want to show in your collection. I think that African market is very important, I have kind of supported it for a long time because I always ¬†thought talent is everywhere else. It’s not talent that comes to you, this is how I approach my job to find talents. I think the new generation of designers need to be supported but obviously you have a choice either you want to be supported or not”.

The Head of Vogue Talents and Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia Ms Sara Suzzani Maino speaking at the seminar

The Head of Vogue Talents was very specific and clear on everything she said”, “for business of fashion, it’s not easy to have a one off solution, the only thing I can say is that you have to have a clear vision of what you want to show and it’s not really about the quantity but the quality, this also very important”.

Hosting the business of fashion seminar was just amazing, with the quintessential designer making it count. He asked the Deputy Editor, as the discussion was going on, “do you believe there’s a standard we as African designers need to obtain in preparing for the Global Market”? Ms Sara’s response was very succinct and straight to the point, “well obviously the standard has to be tried, and always keep the quality high. I mean quality high, doesn’t mean it has to be extremely expensive dress or textile; it’s a matter of quality of how the dress was made and obviously the textile that was used”.

Her closing remarks were very much appreciated, “I think that what Africa has that no other continent has is a very strong tradition to partnership, which is something that not everyone else has. I speak for African designers who want to join Vogue or the international market, you have to bring a strong piece of ¬†information always with you”, she concluded.

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week Business of fashion seminar was in partnership with ICT She Trades. See the fabulous style image below!



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