Redefining the Concept of Luxury in an African Perspective

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Luxury fashion sometimes adds to allure the fact that ‘Rich and Powerful’ people are more fashionable, because they can easily afford to pay for whatever it’s that they’d like to buy; essentially wearing latest fashion trends is a real fact of their riches and power. Here in this case, luxury inspires a classy lifestyle and elevates a higher status in society, so maybe luxurious lifestyle is not what’s available to just anyone, but for those who are really comfortable and have the means to an end. With this in mind, lets get talking about the ‘African Luxury’ which in my perspective, is a little bit different from what’s perceived to be ‘luxury’ as mentioned above.

I begin with a quote from Ghana’s Roberta Annan, managing partner of Roberta Annan Capital Partners to back up the point that I’m trying  to make “Africa has an incredible potential”, when it comes to fashion. Obviously it’s a success which is truly deserved; as a matter of fact it’s a significant achievement. To put it into perspective, the African luxury is all about knowing your worth and valuing yourself; wearing clothes that you’d like to wear, driving in cars that you want to drive, hanging out in places that makes you feel good, and all of that, it’s not really something that’s related to, or connected with ‘lots of money’.

What it means is that if a person is luxurious does not necessarily suggest they have abundance or riches untold. It simply means they’re very effective at planning in order to use the money they have for their intended purposes and get good value for it, worth it all. In other words, any of us is got the potential to have luxury stuff, it depends on what we want and how we get it, that obviously is a core business of satisfying the innermost desires and yearnings, which comes through to you. It could be a dream to drive in a range rover, marry a beauty queen, wear Gucci or Prada, all are made available and specifically clear on the concept of luxury in an African perspective.

Classic Malaika collection by one of Ghana’s top designers, Ophelia Crossland. Photography by Gilbert Asante

The Africa Fashion Week London is quite clear on that one; how far African fashion has come, it promotes the best fashion in different parts of Africa and accelerate the designers onto a bigger stage. Nigerian fashion expert and entrepreneur, Ronke Ademiluyi is the one who started it all 9 years ago. Here’s what she had to say at the 2019 edition of the fashion event; “from where we were then and where we’re right now, there’s been a lot of improvement, they (the designers) pay a lot of attention to details now; because they know that when they come to Africa Fashion Week, they have to show their best. They meet designers from different parts of the world, so they have to make sure that they put their A-game forward as well”.

Luxury brands in Africa are aesthetic, particularly I’m passionate about fashion in Ghana, I love to see the industry grow potentially. I hope that Ghanaian luxury designers such as Legend Bespoke, Nineteen 57 by KOD, Ophelia Crossland, Velma’s Accessories, Duaba Serwa, Selina Beb, Chocolate by Kwaku Bediako, Abrantie the Gentleman, Christie Brown and all others, will be poised to craft with style and elegance, for a specific class of people who want to have what’s offered, and can really afford to pay for it.

See the images of the classic ‘Malaika collection’ by Ghanaian designer, Ophelia Crossland. This collection, which was presented in 2018 talked about “a present day woman, who’s a woman of substance, beautiful, alluring yet angelic and strong, who loves tradition. A true essence of style and elegance”. 

Designer @OpheliaCrossland
Headpieces @VelmasAccessories
Make-Up @Alexandrinamakeup
Hairstyling @RedGingerforhair
Kente @Wefts_By_Jay
Fabrics @Sarahfabric
Photographer @GilbertAsante


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