Glitz Africa Magazine Celebrates Mamè Adjei in a Stunning Editorial on the Digital Cover of the 6th Issue

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An exciting high-end celebrity lifestyle and fashion magazine, Glitz Africa celebrates Ghanaian American model Mamè Adjei who was Miss Maryland and 4th runner-up, Miss USA 2015 as well as one time runner-up of America’s Next Top Model, in a stunning editorial on the digital cover of the 6th issue.

Mamè had the pleasure and honor of working with the amazing creatives when in Ghana this past December as part of the Year of Return initiative talking about her journey, thoughts on certain issues, and projects in the works. Check out on the interview below!

Glitz Africa Magazine: Tell us about your multi-cultural upbringing. How was it like navigating the different cultures?

Mamè Adjei: It was pretty amazing travelling from US to Ghana to Switzerland and learning to adopt to all of those different places, cultures and languages. It definitely allowed me to relate to anyone that I came into contact with and taught me to appreciate my place in this world and how best to contribute to it, having seen life from all those different perspectives.

Glitz Africa Magazine: How would describe the modeling industry considering the recent happenings of the ‘Me too’ movement?

Since the ‘Me Too’ movement started gaining traction. I feel as though the lid has been lifted off of so many of the terrible things that were happening to women in the industry. Models, including myself, are many times put in comprising situations where we’re afraid to speak up on injustices and less than ideal situations where we feel unsafe while working. Day you say anything, you maybe black listed, so a lot of the time we remain mum but the movement gave a voice to the voiceless and a warning to the perpetrators like photographers, casting producers and designers etc; that often do not get accountable for their abuse of power.

Glitz Africa Magazine: What inspired you to start your model workshop? 

Mamè Adjei: I was inspired to start my model workshop for young models because I’m always getting messages from young models and guys asking me how I become a model, and how I got where I am today. So I had wanted to create a way for me to directly reach out to those wanting to pursue a modelling career and teach them everything that I wish someone has taught me when I first started out, things that it took me years to learn by trial and error. Things like what model agencies look for when scouting new models, what a model duties are, and things they need to be aware of before they succeed in the industry. It was super successful and well received so I’m looking forward to expand the workshop very soon.

Glitz Africa Magazine: 2019 Miss Universe winner was a black South African. What are your thoughts on Miss Zozibini Tunzi’s win. 

I absolutely love that fact that, finally our ideas of what beauty is, has changed even slightly enough to allow, brown-skin woman with short natural hair to win, just as she is. I feel proud to have been a part of that legacy being one of the few black woman on the Miss USA stage my year, which led me more and more women of color, breaking the barrier and going even further in their respective years. For so long, we’ve been let out of the conversation completely, so now to have black women as title holders of four major titles is a beautiful thing to see.



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