Epic Editorial with a Mission and Intent on Adding to the Ever-Evolving Narrative of African Woman and her Beauty Curated by Ghanaian American Model Mame Adjei

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This epic editorial was creatively inspired and directed by Ghanaian American, Model Mamè Adjei with the help of the Editor-in-Chief of Debonair Afrik, Emmanuel Ekuban popularly known as Nuel Bans. It was originally featured in the Glitz Africa Magazine, “an exciting high-end celebrity, lifestyle and fashion brand that highlights the life of the contemporary African”. The important details in the story will blow you away, it was savvy. “Now more than ever these positive reaffirmations are necessary” said Mamè Adjei on her Instagram page. Enjoy!

“Today I’m very passionate for justice and people’s access to it. I’m determined to use my platform in any way I can to push for the reimagining of the black narrative. As a model, I feel it’s my duty now, to use the ways in which I’m portrayed to shift the perspective of world’s black people, black women, black beauty and black lives. I want my work to be intentional and purposeful. That’s what inspired me to commission this project when I was in Ghana, sometime ago. I wanted to produce something that would help change the opinion people once held of Africans, and our fashion, our beauty, our landscape, our music, our culture, our colors, our textures, and our architecture.

Additionally, I thought we needed to see more powerful images of women, more so of African women now more than ever. With divisive and utterly racist rhethoric being spewed from so called world class leaders like US president Trump calling Africa, a continent full of shit hole countries, the time is now to stand up and create the imagery, that we wish to represent us.

Media representation matters in general, because it practically shapes the world’s perception of a people, place or event. If we as Ghanaians and Africans want to change the ways in which we’re viewed to the outside world, we need to be that much more proactive in seeking or creating opportunities to showcase our culture the way we best see fit”. Check on the stunning editorial images below!



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