Fashion Events in Ghana at a Crossroads Due to the Negative Impact of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

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The novel coronavirus has advertently brought the lively nature of Ghana’s fashion industry to a standstill, as it’s happening all over the world, to a large extent fashion events have been held on in a while now following the directive by the government to suspend gatherings of more than a 100 people, in order to observe social distancing measures and avoid spread of the coronavirus.

This has resulted in halting activaties within the fashion industry, especially the events which are organised periodically to showcase designer collections and make available their creativity and craftmanship to the market.

Rhythmz On Da Runway flyer publicizing the event

Mostly, around this time of the year, you’d see major events such as Glitz Africa Fashion Week and Rhythmz on da Runway, publicising right ahead of time, calling for designers and all of that, just to make their upcoming events available to the passionate audience in Ghana and elsewhere meanwhile nothing of the sort is seen as yet for now, due to flow of things in the country brought about by the novel coronavirus.

Hopefully things will turn out all right, to host such events and to be utterly successful . Last year in December, the maiden edition of Fashion Connect Africa (strictly by invitation) was held at Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra and it was lit, so beautiful to sit in and watch.

Ghanaian American model Abena Akuaba wearing Alleluia Official designs at the 2019 edition of Fashion Connect Africa event held at Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra

From March 12, ever since the coronavirus outbreak was first reported in the country, it hasn’t been good enough to organise any of such events. Seriously, it was very decorative to see like minded people creatively inspiring ideas and bringing them to life with fabulous events that kept the tenets of the industry together. Specifically, last year the luxury bridal fair, Radiance Fashion started from 1st – 2nd June 2019 showcasing the best in wedding ensembles. This year, no sign of it was seen within that period due to COVID-19, and it’s direct impact on the industy people.

The Accra Fashion Week was slated for March 2020, but has had to be postponed to October because of the global pandemic and safety concerns. A fact remains, whether it’ll come on as rescheduled or more time will be needed to regroove due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Ghana. The government intends to ease up restrictions slowly but surely, which is better, at least people can go about their normal activities in a favorable way, but the question is, will that be friendly and smiling enough?

With the wearing of face masks as a measure to avoid spread of coronavirus, it’s just not easy to identify someone from a distance, if you didn’t know them closely or  personally. How feasible is it going to be in mouth and nose masks to recognize others or even feel the energy to smile and take photos on the red carpet? Obviously that’s something to think about, one wonders if the lifting of the suspension on public gatherings will lead to or generate imediate interest in event organisers to risk it that much but it’s possible, it can be done. The post pandemic era and it’s demands will be a claim to adjust and reshape thoughts in order to survive what’s next, and thrive in the industry . See the style images of the previous events below!



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