Savile Row Designer Ozwald Boateng Presented his ‘Africanism’ Collection in 2018 with a view to Redefine African Luxury.

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British menswear and savile row designer, Ozwald Boateng presented his ‘africanism’ collection in 2018 with a view to redefine African luxury in perspective. Here’s the context with which he unveiled the Africanism collection.

“Rebirth: African luxury redefined with every stitch, a fusion of woven heritage and modernity, rich in texture, colour and substance. A casted net that reaches far beyond fashion, the embodiment of a continent’s history, culture and style.

Empowered by ancestral stories, recreated for a new Africa, a new world. The celebration of Heroes, Kings and Queens, inspiration for the future, the next generation.

A true manifestation of individuality, the enhancement of your inner self, the real you. Character, passion, heart and soul, undeniable self expression with no compromise, Africanism”. See the style images below! Don’t forget to leave your comment in the box.

Photography @jamie_morgan_photographer

Styling @artcomesfirst

Hats @lairdhamiltonsurf

Scarves @rumisuworld



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