Founder of Glitz Africa and UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador Claudia Lumor Celebrates International Youth Day with Young People

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The Founder of Glitz Africa and UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, Claudia Lumor celebrated International Youth Day with young people at her Glitz office in Labadi Accra, with the theme “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. It was a time to celebrate the youth globally, she actually had one on one sessions and series of interactions to sort of mentor and impact the young people on the International Youth Day, which happened on the 12th of August 2020. She noted confidently on her Instagram page, “it was really great hosting a few young people for a one on chat. I have so much hope in our young people! We all have a role to play”.

Indeed ‘there’s a special part everyone of us will play’. She further shared her experiences and feelings about youth empowerment, “As a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, I’m a passionate advocate for youth development as well. I love to have young people around me, mentoring and imparting my knowledge as well as sharing my experiences with them. I believe we all have a role to play in shaping the values and principles of the younger generation”.

Claudia touched on specific reasons why she believes in investing in development. “As such, I spent some time with some young people where we had a relaxed yet impactful conversation, because I believe in investing in youth development. Young people matter to the future we are trying to build as Ghanaians or Africans in general so time spent with them is worth doing”. See the images below!



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