Brand Promotion

This is important, it’s an honor to have the opportunity to serve in your best interest, we plan to do more by using our online editorial and social connections to promote your brand to a larger audience so your potential clients will get to know what you have to offer.

Delighted, she’s got what she wants

Whilst promoting it, to some extent, you’ll find out what others are saying about your brand, by listening, analysing and responding in a way that changes the situation, meets your customer’s expectation and impact the flow of the business.

Blogger-Brand Collaboration

In principle, we collaborate with you to promote your brand on our blog. We often take that strong social action and adopt your product, based on our input for your audience. We directly involve you, build a new thought or idea which works better for your business. We make the collaboration effective by taking direct input from you and use it to communicate how we feel to your audience, in order to get the needed attention for your amazing product.  The idea is to increase sales, yield bottom line results and make the collaboration worth paying for the price.

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We normally save the best for less, which means that we do a good job but our prices are moderate. I’m sure you’d decide to take a chance and work with us and when that happens, we’ll still find this opportunity surprising. Talk to us today, please contact +233 50 488 0219 or send an e-mail to